Cheapest Way To Travel To Canada From Any African Countries

Canada is currently hiring over four thousand International workers, especially from Africa, to work for hospitals, and institutions as gardeners, cleaners, drivers, etc. No qualifications are required and the application is completely free. You can visit the site to apply.

Niger Junta: Fani-Kayode to Nigerians: Stop Trembling, We Have the Resources And Connections To Win Them If…

“I do not want a war and I do not believe that we should initiate hostilities by invading or deploying troops to Niger Republic unless it is absolutely necessary.”

The Leading Airline In Africa: Why Ethiopian Airlines Stands Out Among Others, Suits African Union Agenda

“Apart from being one of the biggest and most efficient airlines in the world, Ethiopian Airlines was the only airline that responds to its requests for expression of interest and satisfies all the stipulated conditions being laid down by Nigeria to be picked.”