Anambra-Born Female Rugby Star, Princess Ugonwaezeh-Agugo Takes Nigeria to the Global Stage

Princess Alban Ugonwaezeh-Agugo is a Board Member and Chair of the Sponsorship and Marketing Committee of the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation NRFF.

Guinness World Records in Calculation: Meet Famous Mathematician, Thomas Fuller, AKA Mental Calculator

How the astonishing record of Great Mathematician, Thomas Fuller changed the narrative of the views of the Whites on the Blacks during the slavery era.

Details as President Tinubu Sets to Open African Counter-Terrorism Summit in Abuja

Heads of state and government and high-level government officials across Africa, representatives of international organizations and multilateral institutions, members of the diplomatic corps, and members of civil society groups are expected to attend the summit.

Sir Louis Ojukwu: 20 Key Achievements of First Nigerian-African Man to Make Multi-Billions of Dollars Without Oil Well

This piece x-rays some of the key records that undoubtedly enabled Louis Ojukwu to stand out without blending in the history of wealthy Nigerians who had no business connection with the ownership and siphoning off money from petroleum and oil in the country.

AFRICA: Prof Lumumba Analyzes ECOWAS Resolve As Mali, Niger, Guinea, Others Toe Nkrumah, Keita’s Path

“This is very Nkrumahist. It is the same thing that Kwame Nkrumah and Modibo Keita were talking about. And this movement in the Sahel could very well be the mustard seed that Africa needs for Africa to begin to enter confederal arrangements. And this may snowball into a confederal government and it ought to be supported.” He further stated…

Cheapest Way To Travel To Canada From Any African Countries

Canada is currently hiring over four thousand International workers, especially from Africa, to work for hospitals, and institutions as gardeners, cleaners, drivers, etc. No qualifications are required and the application is completely free. You can visit the site to apply.

Niger Junta: Fani-Kayode to Nigerians: Stop Trembling, We Have the Resources And Connections To Win Them If…

“I do not want a war and I do not believe that we should initiate hostilities by invading or deploying troops to Niger Republic unless it is absolutely necessary.”