Another Nollywood Icon, Muonagor Down in Severe Sickness, Pleads for Assistance

Fans and concerned citizens are becoming increasingly worried about the circumstances surrounding the ugly happenings in the giant Nigeria movie industry, Nollywood.

A lot of actors have passed away mysteriously while many are battling with one health challenge or other triggering the reaction of the concerned citizens.

Just recently, Actor John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu cried out for help as he will later undergo several surgeries overseas.

Again, another Nollywood icon, Mr. Amaechi Muonagor, is battling with a stroke, pleading for help from Nigerians.

Reacting, some of the fans said:

“There is something this Nollywood actors ain’t telling us”.”seriously they really need to tell us what is going on.

“Every time one story or the other, see how our veteran actors are just dying and falling ill 🤒 anyhow not just minor illness but illness that may lead to death..”

“Oh this is serious. Please each and everyone. We’re appealing to you all, let’s contribute our quota to help him out. This is the time to show love now that he’s still alive. Let not make that mistakes of medicine after death anymore”

“Nawa ohhh…all the Nollywood actors.. with illness,God have mercy…
Divine healing too you
How do we help him without dropping his bank account. Quick recovery by the power of the Almighty YAHWEH. Amen”
“Get well soon .
But what is happening with them for Christ sake,? 🙆🙆🙆🙆
Something is going wrong in Nollywood.”
Get healed”

Nollywood Actor, Amaechi Muonagor, Battling With Stroke.

…Pleads For Help.


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