PHOTOS: Two Imo Women Caught, Reveal Why They Disguise as Visually Impaired Beggars in Enugu

The issue of begging on the roadsides, markets, and streets has been considered one of the reliable sources of livelihood for many of the handicapped, especially the physically challenged in society. Meanwhile, not all beggars are physically or mentally challenged. A handful of them are simply lazy and disguised as the blind, dumb, or physically impaired in one way or another just to extort money from well-meaning citizens in society.

A popular Nongovernmental Organization working to assist and build a society in love, harmony, and freedom from any form of ignorance, “IGBOS LOVE THEMSELVES on Saturday, November 2023 caught two women disguised as beggars and extorting money from people at Ogui road, Enugu state.

How the two women met later turned out to be the fortunate end of their illegal business baffles many.

The CEO of the NGO, and Gospel Truth page, Matthias Ezeaku wrote:

“Today another history has been made as I debunked the lies of 2 women claiming to be blind extorting money from our people at Ogui Road Enugu state, they met me at a boutique where I was buying clothes and asking for help but as someone who is into health, I found out that nothing can make their eyes to be just closed and be looking so fresh while they are blind,

I started questioning them and also insisted that they were not blind, but if they claimed that they were blind then I would take them to the Eye clinic for confirmation from the medical doctors,

In few minutes time they accepted that they are not blind but just trying to use the strategy to feed themselves, I took them to my office where they told us that they are from Imo state and purely opened their eyes,

We agreed to take them to their villages tomorrow so that we can establish a business for them and also take their children back to school.


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