2023: Bishop Nwokolo Reveals What God Has For Nigeria, Issues Directives For New Year

The Bishop Diocese on the Niger Rt. Rev. Owen Nwokolo has charged Nigerians to live a new style of life, and have a new vision, new insight, and new expectations, even as they enter the new year/Nigerian election year.

Delivering his New year message yesterday in Onitsha, Bishop Nwokolo said that Nigerians should expect change in its situation and the way things are done in the country, the way its economy and resources are expended, among other things.

He stated that the year is already full for the Lord who is the owner, and who has assured that he will accompany his children, saying that this year we will be in company of the Lord who is the Chief pilot, adding that the year will not be a time of missing the path oran sailing to unknown destination, saying that the Lord will do all things in a new dimension that will bring comfort, ort, healing and solutions to the problem of Nigeria and its people.

According to Bishop Nwokolo, “2023 is God’s year’ blessing for Nigeria, it is a year for development, a year of tr, information, and a year in which the Lord will do a new thing and will surprise everyone in Nigeria.

“Relax God is in control. We assure you do not fear, though things may look bleak it is not the end of everything. Our hope is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth,belongsearth belong to our Lord Jesus Christ, this year 2023 is the year of the Lord, God owns it and he will direct it.

“The call and expectations of the Lord are for all of us to surrender our plans to him, surrender our expectations to him, when you put your expectations to his expectations the solution becomes a reality because you will be in the position where he wants you to be and there will be blessings for you.”


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