NCC Confirms Glo, MTN Fresh Resolution on Interconnection Fee Conflict

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced the resolution of the interconnect debt issue between MTN Nigeria Communications Plc and Globacom Limited.

NCC spokesperson, Reuben Muoka, stated on Thursday that the previously granted permission for MTN to disconnect Globacom due to the debt dispute has been revoked.

“The interconnect debt dispute between MTN Nigeria Communications Plc. and Globacom Limited has been peacefully settled,” according to the NCC’s announcement.

Following this settlement, the authorization given to MTN to disconnect Globacom has been retracted.

The NCC took additional steps to prevent service disruptions for subscribers by mediating between the two parties and aiding in the reconciliation efforts after its initial announcement.

The commission emphasized its commitment to enforcing licence terms, especially those related to interconnection agreements, and announced plans to closely monitor the industry to prevent future debt issues. This includes requesting ongoing updates and records from Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and maintaining transparency about industry debts.

This resolution comes after the NCC provided a 21-day grace period for the companies to resolve their differences.

Earlier in January, the NCC warned that Glo users could face restrictions on calls to MTN networks if the interconnect fees were not settled, with the potential for enforcement following a 10-day notice period.


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