I believe Pogba – Mbappe speaks on witchcraft rumours

Kylian Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain forward, has revealed that Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba reached out to him during the extortion scandal that is currently being investigated by French prosecutors.

Prosecutors in France are looking into claims that Paul Pogba was the victim of extortion by his older brother Mathias Pogba and friends from their youth.

According to reports, they wanted €13 million from the France midfielder.

Investigators allegedly told Paul Pogba they wanted to cast doubt on him by saying he asked a witch doctor to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappe.

“I don’t think it will alter my relationship with him,” Mbappe said during the news conference prior to PSG’s Tuesday Champions League match against Juventus.

“As of today, I prefer to trust the word of a teammate. He called me, he gave me his version of the story and as of today, it is his word against his brother’s word.

“So I will trust my teammate, in the best of interest of the national team as well. We have a big competition coming up. He has some issues at the moment so it is not the moment to add to them for him and that’s it.

“We will see what happens. I am pretty detached about it.”

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