Video: [Iran Vs Israel] Wonders as Biblical Passover Miracle Replicates in Iran

The terrifying video of the city of Hormuz in Iran has triggered mixed reactions as Netizens recall the Biblical Passover incidents.

This occurrence is a sequel to the Iran’s unprecedented aerial attack on the Jewish state, on Saturday, firing several dozens of missiles.

Meanwhile in a turn of events, Israel affirmed that it’s not over yet, as a retaliative attack on Iran is imminent which resulted in the latest statement by the President of Iran, saying that Iran will respond with more counter-attacks.

There has been Clarion calls from peace loving citizens of the world who joined Israel I’m calling for the intervention of the United Nations Security Council, to condwmn and caution Iran for the recent attack.

Despite the foregoing, the city Hormuz in Iran was on Wednesday turned to blood work red, following an unusual atmospheric condition of the people.

People keep wondering the actual cause of incident.
See the video here:👇


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