Zion Ministry: [Fresh Exposition] Impending Blackmail of Evang Ebuka Obi Sets to Shake Internet

Following the emergence and rise of evangelism and the continuing reign of the founder and Spiritual Director of Zion Ministry, Lagos State, Nigeria, Prophet Ebuka Obi, a series of information on the activities of the prayer movement and its leader has kept coming.

Evangelist Ebuka Obi has consistently triggered mixed reactions, especially between his millions of members and fans worldwide and the opposition ranging from the traditionalists and other ministers of God who view his activities to be a threat to theirs.

Ebuka Obi as he is popularly called had for a long time now been revealing different plots of the adversaries to daint his image and bring the ministry down, saying that all is orchestrated by mostly the Ministers of God as well as those he referred to as his bredren from the East. Despite the foregoing, he told his members solemnly to remain resolute and steadfast in the imminent time of trials and persecutions by the adversaries.

Meanwhile, barely two months that the issue of Jonathan and padlock hit different Social Media platforms, with the allegation labeled against the Spiritual Leader of Zion Ministry, Evangelist Ebuka Obi, another blackmail set to shake the Internet.

This is as a group popularly known as Anonymous exposed another impending blackmail set to unfold against Evang. Ebuka Obi.

According to the group, there is a major blackmail coming in the way of Evangelist, Mister Ebuka Obi, which would shake the internet space, when it happens. The group urges the general public to beware of it now that it is false and fake while stating that all the blackmailings are powered and orchestrated by Clergymen who feel overtaken.

The group further opined that the orchestrators are those who are jealous of Evang Ebuka Obi while advising him to be calm and steadfast.

“There is a Major Blackmail coming the way of the young Evangelist, Mister Ebuka Obi, this blackmail would shake the internet space, and when it happens, know now that it is false and fake. All these are powered and orchestrated by Clergymen who feel overtaken.

“This blackmail shall trend and his name would be dragged to the mood, however, Mister Obi must remain steadfast. We shall advise him to keep silent and ignore these blackmailers who do this out of jealousy and Envy. When you don’t give them the attention they are looking for? They would naturally fade away.

Stay Strong Evangelist.
We shall remain Anonymous


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