Report Uncovers How Nigerian Pastor Chris Misleads Followers with Malaria Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a prominent Nigerian religious leader, has come under scrutiny for disseminating false information concerning malaria vaccines.

A detailed analysis by BBC revealed that Pastor Oyakhilome misinterpreted a statement from a 2010 TED talk by Bill Gates during an August 2023 sermon, claiming Gates supported a depopulation agenda.

Bill Gates, in his talk, highlighted the importance of vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive health services in managing population growth through improved health, which historically leads to families opting for fewer children. This statement was misrepresented by Pastor Oyakhilome to suggest a malicious intent towards depopulation.

Further adding to the controversy, Pastor Oyakhilome inaccurately linked the World Mosquito Program facility in Colombia with the Gates Foundation, alleging it produced genetically modified mosquitoes for depopulation. However, the facility is actually affiliated with Monash University in Australia and focuses on reducing the mosquito’s ability to transmit viruses, using methods that do not involve genetic modification.

Pastor Oyakhilome’s history with vaccine misinformation isn’t new. He has previously expressed skepticism about the HPV vaccine, which has been proven to significantly reduce cervical cancer rates. This is particularly concerning as Nigeria battles high rates of this cancer, with approximately 8,000 women dying annually. A major study by Cancer Research UK highlighted a reduction in cervical cancer cases by over 90% due to the HPV vaccine, underscoring the vaccine’s effectiveness contrary to Oyakhilome’s claims.

Moreover, the pastor has spread misinformation about other vaccines, including those for tetanus and polio, and inaccurately stated that mRNA vaccines alter DNA—a claim scientifically disproven as mRNA vaccines merely use a virus’s genetic material to prime the immune system against future infections.

The consequences of such misinformation are severe. During the Covid pandemic, Pastor Oyakhilome’s television network, Loveworld, was fined by British media regulator Ofcom for broadcasting misleading and potentially harmful statements about the pandemic and vaccines.


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