Amazing Facts about Nigerian King, Oba Akinyele Whose Stance for Christ Remains Unforgettable

There were many people who had left this blue planet with a series of legacies unknown to the modern generation. One of such distinguished personalities is Oba (Sir) Isaac Babalola Akinyele, whose reign as a King instilled havoc in the abode of the adversaries to the kingdom of Light.

Oba (Sir) Isaac Babalola Akinyele, KBE (18 April 1882 – 30 May 1964) was the first educated Olubadan (non-hereditary traditional ruler) of Ibadan, and the second Christian to ascend the throne.

Meanwhile, records indicate that Oba Akinyele, was the first CAC (Christ Apostolic Church) President, as the king who stopped using his cap.

He is regarded as the first King in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria that stood for Christ and shut the mouth of the devil and his agents.

In those days, no one dared to confront satan or his institutions in the kingdom of Ibadan, because the tradition could not outrightly be separated from satanism.

Consequently, human sacrifice and other occult practices were very predominant making difficult for one who upholds contrary views to reside among the people.

However, King Akinyele after accepting Jesus Christ, ordered the abolition of many of the occult practices, an evolution of new era that would later record a phyrric triumph.

Oba Akinyele stood his ground despite the opposition from almost the whole of Ibadan land who waged battle against him for accepting Jesus, and believing in Him without an iota of doubt.

One day, after settling disputes brought to the palace in the presence of the chiefs, unknown to him that charms have been sprinkled on his seat before he came in, he sat on it innocently.

As a result, he couldn’t stand up from the seat as he was glued to the chair. The chiefs began to mock him asking: ‘Where is your God whom you claimed he has all the powers? Let Him come and rescue you now.

The King looked at them and instantly started reciting Psalm 24. At the end, he said “I rise up in the name of Jesus Christ” and lo and behold, he stood up, moved his body and immediately; the charm was rendered ineffectual on the seat.

So, the chiefs went home disappointed, ashamed and dejected but to His glory and honor, some of them later gave their lives to Jesus Christ a sequel to that single miracle.

Similarly, there was a year that a horse was to convey him to a ceremony, and unknown to him, the occults in the city had placed a charm on the horse. They employed drummers who beat the drums with charms to make the horse die while carrying the king through the town.

Meanwhile, it’s traditional and the standing order (though unwritten), was that a horse must not fall nor die while conveying the king else, the king would be rejected and dethroned.
Now, the whole city was watching as the horse began to misbehave and started crying with water gushing out of its eyes.

Fear gripped the whole city, while the occult men were already jubilating that the king’s end has come.

Having gotten some fellow disciples of Christ in the city, one David Babajide and other young evangelists at the scene began to sing: “agbara Re ga ju ti ota lo oooo, imo Re ga ju t’esu lo, Olorun ko seun ti ni o, oso aiye kan kole di o lona ise Re, agbara Re ga ju ti ota lo. Which means “Your power is greater than the enemy, Your knowledge is higher than the devil. You are the God of all possibilities, no sorcerer can stop you. Your power is greater than the enemy”….,

The crowd chorused the song started by Baba Babajide and all of a sudden, dew began to fall in the mid day and the horse began to walk majestically, crying like a baby.

When Baba, Oba Akinyele was conveyed to the end and the horse neither fell nor died, the charmers had no choice than to surrender to the Kingship and Lordship of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and since that day, they stopped attacking Oba Akinyele.

Credit: CACYOF Office


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