Appointments: Bode George Volunteers to Assist Tinubu If…

Following the allegations that a former deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olabode George, is jostling for appointment under the administration of President Bola Tinubu, he has reacted affirming that he is too old for such.

He, however, noted that if he was approached or offered such, he would only assist in nominating competent candidates from his party.

George, who had been an ardent critic of Tinubu, told our correspondent in a telephone interview on Thursday that he ended his rift with the President, not for an appointment, but for peace to reign, and in deference to those who intervened in the matter, at the behest of Tinubu.

He stressed that after some senior indigenes of Lagos State and a delegation from the All Progressives Congress visited him to end the long-standing dispute and solicited his support for the Tinubu government, noting that he could never have desired anything more at his age.

He stated, “On this, people are only talking rubbish and they need to shut up. This man (Tinubu) is just starting and we said my party was still in court. They said we should let bygones be bygones. In the Bible, it is very clear that vengeance is only with God Almighty and you don’t continue fighting when everybody has persuaded you that it’s enough.

“All those saying I want an appointment don’t know what they are saying. What exactly do they want to happen to the young ones coming up? I said I have forgiven him. We had an issue and people settled it for us and I have forgotten about it.”

Asked whether or not he would accept an appointment from the government if offered, he stated, “I will give him people that have the knowledge from the party having been a manager of the party for years. If he says he wants me to help him get someone, there are millions of young people who still have all the energy to run around and not me.

“It is not for me, because I am not looking for a job. But if he calls me, we will discuss it before the party leaders, put heads together and nominate from our side somebody who is still young, agile, knows, and can add value to this country.”

He said he could not congratulate or visit Tinubu at the villa while his party, the PDP, was still in court challenging the outcome of the presidential election. This, he said, would amount to a betrayal of his party.



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