Anambra Houseboy Allegedly Stabs His Master to Death

There’s anxiety following the report of one Mr. Chima who was reportedly murdered by their family Houseboy in Awka, the capital city of Anambra State.

Multiple sources have presented their accounts of what happened between Chima and their Houseboy, which resulted in the young boy attacking Chima and annihilating him.

The suspect during the interrogation by the local security, admitted to repeatedly hitting his master Chima with a pestle after he only asked him why he hadn’t done his household duties.

He, however, revealed that the whole thing started when he refused to respond to the question and Chima slapped him, which led to a fight. Consequently, he later attacked his master, Chima, which resulted in his sudden death.

Other reports said the suspect used both kitchen knife and pestle on his master even while his body was already lying helpless on the floor in a pool of blood; hence, he was deliberate with his intention to have him murdered.

The young boy, who should be within the age of 17 or less, and from the Abakaliki area of Ebonyi State, has since been handed over to the Nigerian Police Force, Awka division, for further questioning, while the corpse of the deceased, Chima has been deposited at the morgue for autopsy.

Uloka Chibuike X PUO


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