AFCON Final: Avoid Match if You Have Such Health Conditions—Medical Expert Reveals, Cautions Fans

Professor Ranti Familoni, an expert in Medicine and Cardiology from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, has advised Nigerians with “unstable cardiovascular conditions” to stay away from the Sunday African Cup of Nations final between Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

This warning comes in the wake of several incidents where individuals have suffered sudden cardiac deaths during intense sporting events or social gatherings.

The tragic occurrences include the recent passing of an All Progressives Congress chieftain, Cairo Ojougboh, a National Youth Service Corps member, and three others while watching a football match.
Professor Familoni highlighted these incidents as cases of sudden cardiac death, often striking individuals with pre-existing heart diseases, which they might not even be aware of.

Professor Familoni criticized the common reaction of bystanders to flee from individuals experiencing medical emergencies, such as epileptic attacks, which can sometimes result in preventable deaths.

He also touched upon the misconception surrounding sudden deaths during strenuous activities, which might be attributed to underlying heart issues exacerbated by physical exertion or the use of sexual enhancement drugs.

Focusing on the upcoming AFCON final, Professor Familoni advises fans to manage their emotions and adhere to their medical regimes. He noted that the excitement and stress associated with such events could be particularly dangerous for those with known heart conditions and those who are unaware of their hypertension or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy—a condition triggered by stress, leading to potentially fatal outcomes.

The professor’s message is clear: everyone, especially those with unstable cardiovascular conditions, should exercise caution during the match. He encourages individuals to consult with their doctors and undergo cardiovascular evaluations to better understand their health status. Monitoring one’s blood pressure and being alert to any signs of irregular or rapid heartbeats during the game are crucial steps in preventing adverse health events.

As the AFCON final approaches, it’s vital to remember that while the game is temporary, your health is permanent. Let’s enjoy the match responsibly and stay safe.


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