A Must-read: Police Track Houses In Lagos With Hundreds of Hostages By Qnet Group Allegedly Operating As International Company

Police detectives from the Ejigbo Division of the Lagos State Command have uncovered some houses, where a suspected dubious company known as Qnet, held hundreds of innocent Nigerians in captivity after obtaining millions of Naira under the guise of securing a foreign Dollars paying job abroad.

According to reports by P.M.EXPRESS, the houses in question were located at 38 Adewale Adenuga Street and 12 Aya-oye Street, Ejigbo, Lagos, where the company dumped the victims after they sold their properties and gave the money to the syndicate while waiting endlessly for the foreign jobs.

The company was said to have obtained from the victims huge sums of money ranging from N1.8m, N600,000, N400,000 etc., and were promised that when they secure the job they will be paid between $1000 monthly, at the same time given accommodations, free visas and resident permits among others.

The victims came from Benue, Kogi, Delta, Edo, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Ekiti, Enugu, Ebonyi, and Osun States among others, and were held in various houses in the Ejigbo area.

Meanwhile, trouble ensued after some of the victims, who had stayed in the lounges for several months, revolted and contacted the Police at Ejigbo Division, who moved into action.

Further investigation has revealed that the fake company has gained ground at various locations within and outside the state and has been in operation since 2019. Below is a detailed description of the group’s location, mode of operation, etc.

~Name: Quest International Company (Qnet)
~ Location: by Mechanic Bus Stop, @ St Agnes, Igondu LGA, Lagos State.

Criteria for employment:
~It requires no education qualification

~Amount of money between four hundred and eighty and five hundred thousand nairas (480–500k) to be presented in cash. No transfer.

~ 4 Passport photographs, NIN, or any other valid ID.

~ They claim to deal in gold including wristwatches, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

~ Two hundred and twenty-five dollars ($225) per week (Alleged).
~ Free accommodation (hall)
~ Free Food (Alleged)

~ Free Visa to any country in the world, including Hongkong, Indonesia, UAE, Germany, as well as all the African countries, among others. (Alleged).

~ It is not registered under the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.

~ It has no signpost or officially recognized address.

~ the claim that they deal in, jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, wristwatches, etc only exists on paper.

~ those who go there are being put on a compulsory one-month training (brainwashing), after which they would be charged to be calling everyone on their contacts list, starting from the family members… Once any of these people call one on the phone, he/she would begin to testify how God has blessed them via the company. They would go ahead to ask one to even sell land or borrow money to join the company.

~ Both the NIN, Passports, Visa, etc, are done within the company because they don’t want to be in the public domain.

~ They do tell their victims why the company is not known or seen in the newspapers, seen on TV stations, Social Media, or heard on the radio because they use the money meant for the advertisement to train the workers.

~ Whosoever wants to come out to pick up a client (they call it sign-up), must be accompanied by one or two guys, who would monitor his/her movement, study the kind of person they want to pick up, and give instant feedback to the gangs inside.

~The place has no signpost.

~It Is highly fenced so that no passersby can notice the crowd of people inside the compound. (NOT LESS THAN 500 PEOPLE)

~ The staff of the company is issued ID cards, which are all fakes. They also claim that Police don’t arrest them anywhere they go with their ID Card.

~ Once the victim takes the substance, he/she stops thinking about going home/where they come from.

~ After paying the cash, one is required to write down fifty names of the people who he/she would help and bring to the company. Those 50 people become his/her targets to be lured into the company.

~they collaborate with white persons who drive to the area once in a while, to walk around to convince the victims that it’s an international company.

~ After a month in the place, one would be told to get his/her brother who would replace him or her when they send them out of the country. That’s why my brother first traveled to our village to sell our father’s land so that he would take me to the company.

~there are hundreds of youths from different states especially, Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Abia, and Anambra states. These guys are starved but can’t go home unless by force because they are being manipulated.

~ At the entrance is a gatekeeper who has a handcuff and stands to stop anyone who may want to leave the place without the awareness of the people in charge.

~ They have halls where these hundreds of people stay at night. Meanwhile, in the morning, they would be brought out to the compound where they would place a blackboard and a television. They teach and show them how to import and market “non-existing products” which includes gold, bracelets, necklace, etc. Note: this session is for newcomers, while others would be charged to hustle for customers.

~They were told that they can’t withdraw their salaries until after six months because the dollar account is a fixed one. Meanwhile, they have no dollar account and do not receive any salary, late alone, receiving $225 per week. Again, six months have exhausted but because of the substance they gave them, they would remain mentally caged.

~ Because they operate based on highly intelligent information, the entire people who are held captive were as of four months ago compelled to change their phone numbers. This made it so that many of these people can no longer be reached by their relatives. They only use old SIM cards when they need to get the numbers of a target client.

Note: They recruit anyone at all, in as much as the person afford the money. They would convince anyone provided they have details of information about what one does. ( business, handwork, etc.).

These guys have succeeded in duping many guys, while many people didn’t fall to the tricks as a result of the information being disseminated about the activities of the said company.

Some of the victims have been able to get out of the place, after three or few days, when they became convinced that it was a fraud.”
An eyewitness told De Erudite Media.


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