Watch the Latest Video “Down with Hamas!” as Israel-Hamas Draws New Lines

The lingering crisis between Israel and Hamas might be drawing to an end as the two warring parties seek the quickest strategies to complete their separate agenda. It’s however unpredictable what the coming days and weeks will turn into as the situation gets worse daily.

Several people from and across the countries in the world have joined their voices in calling for a ceasefire even though the earlier truce was truncated by Hamas as Israel later alleged, leading to a more disastrous aftermath.

Clips of the thousands of Gazans evacuated to a secure humanitarian area, were captured chanting “Down with Hamas”.

This is also a desperate plea from Gaza hovers as several Palestinians beg the IDF to save them from Hamas brutality.

Some of the Palestinians who spoke in Hebrew alleged that their leaders dine in luxury while the masses are left in the pitch to perish.
“Our leaders dine in luxury, we suffer under their rule!”


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