PHOTOS: Heartwrenching Message of Memorial Shoes on Danube Bank Resonates

Have you heard anything more horrible than war? Has it occurred to you that it’s only those who have traveled across the Rubicon, deserting the world stage that have no war to wage?

It’s not just horrifying but ever a heartwrenching story that stands the passage of time how so many people have continued to face a series of tribulations in the hands of adversaries in the world.

One of the most momentous places one could visit is the Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial in Budapest, Hungary.

It commemorates the Jews who were forced to remove their shoes and were shot into the river by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen during World War II.

The sight of those shoes left behind is a piercing reminder of their suffering. Today, Jews stand strong in their state, ensuring that no one will ever push them to their deaths again.

To the Jews and friends of Israel in the world, it is an indelible sightseeing spot reminiscing about man inhumane to man which had continued to replay to date, in the history of the Jews.

What comes to your mind when you imagine the circumstances surrounding the scenario that played at the Danube Bank Memorial, Budapest, Hungary?


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