Access Bank: Tension as Customers Unable to Access Funds Amid Technical Glitches

Access Bank has been under scrutiny as numerous customers reported inability to access their funds due to ongoing network glitches.

The situation has led to a slew of complaints from frustrated customers across various platforms.

On the social media site X, many voiced their concerns, detailing their struggles with the bank’s services. From failed login attempts to unprocessed transactions, the issues varied. Vincent Ekpo, a user on X, mentioned that he was unable to sign in for an entire day, though the problem seems to have been resolved now. Others weren’t so fortunate.

Chidera Obed expressed his dissatisfaction when he did not receive credit for an airtime purchase, urging the bank to either credit his phone line or refund the money. Similarly, Kane Lawson faced issues with a transfer from his Stanbic account to Access Bank; despite receiving a debit alert from Stanbic, the funds were not credited by Access Bank.

The most heart-wrenching complaint came from a user named PIDOMNIGERIA, who shared a devastating consequence of these glitches. According to his post, the failure of Access Bank’s app led to a tragedy for a single father whose daughter died because he couldn’t transfer funds urgently needed for her medical treatment. This incident has amplified the critical impact that such disruptions can have on customer safety and trust.

In light of these severe complaints, it becomes imperative for Access Bank to address these failures promptly and ensure that their systems are reliable to prevent such unacceptable outcomes. Additionally, this situation highlights the essential role that banking systems play in the daily lives of people, and the potential human cost when these systems fail.


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