Video: Israel Nurtures Fresh Wounds of Hezbollah Rockets, Anti-Tank Missiles, Takes Crutical Steps

Israel is currently strategizing to hit back at Hezbollah following the review of damage the styles and anti-tank missiles caused to Israel’s north.

In a report by an Israeli journalist, Hezbollah rockets and anti-tank missiles have caused structural damage to 427 houses in northern Israel since October.

It also reveals that about 80 of these houses sustained direct hits, resulting in significant damage.

Consequently, approximately 80,000 residents evacuated their homes due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which also led to attacks by Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry is assessing and coordinating rehabilitation efforts, with a focus on security and the residents’ safe return.

As the country reviews of the damage caused by Hamas strikes at Israel’s north, Israeli Armored Corps have commenced training for war in Lebanon.


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