[PHOTOS]:Ocha Brigade Shuts Down Anambra Businesses, Hotels for Non-Compliance with Court Summons

In a recent move to enforce environmental compliance, the Ocha Brigade, under the leadership of Chief Celestine Anere, has sealed off several hotels and businesses along the bustling Club Road, also known as Abakaliki Street, in Anambra.

This action comes after the affected establishments failed to respond to court summons, having previously been served notices by the agency.

This crackdown is part of the “Operation Clean and Healthy Anambra” initiative, a joint effort between the Ocha Brigade and the Ministry of Environment. The operation targets businesses that neglect environmental regulations, specifically those concerning waste management and desilting. The enforcement action not only addresses the refusal to adhere to these laws but also involves the collection of fines that these violations incur.

Chief Anere emphasizes that the brigade’s mission aligns with the governor’s vision for Anambra to be a clean, green, and healthy region where sustainable living and prosperity are within reach for all residents.

For anyone needing to address issues, make inquiries, or submit complaints, the Ocha Brigade encourages reaching out through their dedicated hotlines:





The Ocha Brigade remains committed to serving the community and ensuring that Anambra upholds its environmental standards.


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