UK Visa Regulations for International Students, More Jobs on Shortage Occupation List

International students vying for any University in the United Kingdom are expected to be acquainted with the necessary information about the latest developments in immigration policies and the job shortage occupation list announced recently by the government.

It would be recalled that the United Kingdom Government has declared openly some changes in its immigration rules to include additional jobs on the shortage occupational list.

The adjustment was a sequel to the long-awaited policies of the UK surrounding the unswerving era of students switching to Tier 2 Visas without finishing their studies.

According to a commentator at CareerEdu, there are some bad news and some good news respectively. One of the unwholesome development stipulates that for Ine to switch from a student (Tier 4) Visa to any other type of Visa – Tier 2, Global Talent, Innovator Visa, etc -one must have finished their studies and present evidence of graduation (attach one’s transcript). Or one’s job for which the COS is issued must have a start date that is AFTER one has completed their studies.

Recall that allowing students to switch without completing their studies was a new policy introduced in late 2021 which was predicted to fail because, if many students abandon their studies and outstanding fees to switch, universities will suffer.

The above-mentioned notwithstanding, there are two major positive aspects of the new immigration rule. First, more jobs have been added to the shortage occupation list – meaning that these persons can be recruited from abroad.

The new jobs added include agriculture and fishing, bricklayers and masons, roofers, roof tilers and Slater’s, carpenters and joiners, construction workers and builders, and plasterers.

Furthermore, there are fresh opportunities for Abroad Care Workers – The policy of allowing students in the UK to switch without finishing hurt recruitment of care workers from abroad as employers found it easier to issue COS to persons already in the UK with Care experience. Now that this has been stopped, there will be more opportunities for Carers abroad to get sponsorship and come to work in the UK.

The Care Sector is, however, still, acutely understaffed and still needs dedicated professionals to help deliver optimum service.

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What these adjustments imply is that those vying to further their studies at any of the UK’s Universities or to secure a work visa have more opportunities available to them. On the other hand, the limitation placed on the earlier usual regulations is geared to tighten and contain the loopholes surrounding reckless immigration in recent years.

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