See How Bishops and Churches impose Governors in Anambra State and what will happen in 2021 Election


The fear of being misunderstood will never overshadow my sense of reasoning as such I take a lift from the idea of revered political mahogany; the late Dr Chuba Okadigbo who said that “if you are emotionally attached to your tribe, religion or political leaning to the point that truth and justice become secondary considerations, your education is useless. Your exposure is useless. If you cannot reason beyond petty sentiments, you are a liability to mankind.”

It is highly unfortunate and regrettably nonsensical that Anambra politics is gradually taking a nosedive into an inglorious pit of religious sentiment and opprobrium.

Indeed, Karl Max was very correct to have informed his contemporaries that religion is an opium of the masses.

What has religious dichotomy got to do with good governance? Regrettably, most of these politicians hiding under Bishops and Churches to contest for elections don’t believe in Christian God. They visit their main worship centres at night.

How can a State as informed and civilized as Anambra reduce the selection of their Governor to whether the candidate is a Catholic, an Anglican or a Pentecostal?? What a mess of political leadership? No recourse to technical knows how, accurate administrative acumen, proper political will, clarity of purpose and ability to make sustainable policies.

Unfortunately, the promoters of this odoriferous iberiberism are the Bishops of various denominations and a handful of Anambra elites. These people have continued to use religious abracadabra to polarize and mesmerize the spirit of oneness amongst us, and then impose highly incompetent religious bigoted being as our Governor.

Why should you elites continue to put a knife in the things that bind Anambra together, which are love, hard work and progress?

Let me NOT remind Anambra of the ugly episode that brought in the current ineptitude administration, at least for now. Also, I would not want to reveal the information I have on the subject matter, as regards 2021 Anambra guber elections, at least for now. Let us seen what the nature will confer in that time.

However, I want to plead with all the Bishops in Anambra alongside their Reverend Fathers, Reverends, Pastors, Prophets and Men of God to henceforth stop using their Churches as annexes offices for political parties. If you must support a candidate, let it be on the ground of the candidate’s competence and this, you as a Bishop must not induce your congregation to vote your candidate.

I humbly advise the Leaders of various denominations to maintain decorum in the interest of the body of Christ. If not, what we know will be made public and Church we be expose if we reveal them.

Let me remind all the Anglicans and Pentecostals who are currently making all sorts of noise campaigning for an Anglican or Pentecostal candidate that Gov. Chinwoke Mbadunuju was (is) not a Catholic.

It is good I inform all the Catholics and their Bishops who are working round the clock to produce another “Catholic Governor” that Willie Obiano they brought is not an Anglican or a Pentecostal.

It is better that we elect a native doctor from Ozubulu or Umuoba Anam village who has integrity and capability of developing our State than having a Papal Knight who has neither common sense nor the political will to move Anambra forward.

Permit me to humbly and conscientiously intimate our people that anybody who continues to promote and encourage the politics of religious dichotomy in Anambra is not better than Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram. Such a person is a looter and destroyer of our collective heritage and patrimony.

I know I will be under various degrees of attack for saying this, but before you attack me, be ready to wrestle with Amadioha; the god of thunder.

I am still a Catholic; I am proud of being a Catholic but saying the truth is more important to me than anything else.
Anambra politics needs the help of everybody both the three religion practice; Christian, Muslim and traditional religion in this state to come in contact to provide a solution through offering prayer so their God the most high which will bring a man that does not discriminate nor favours only his own domination. But our prayer should be God to find a man who has character to help people, who has conscience; somebody who will remember everybody irrespective of your religion background.
Let us remove religion in political aspect of government and bring cohesion and unity with transparency of life in our state to wipe away this religious dichotomy and bring unification in our religion.

Ikenga Prince Ezeimo


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