Political Crisis: “If You Don’t Want Trouble Don’t Join Politics” –Wike Blows Hot

The Political crisis between godfather and godson, Nyesom Wike and Gov. Sim Fubara has continued to expose the secrets of the mind game in the political spectrum of the duo.

The Rivers State Governor Emeritus, and Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Nyelsom Wike has described trouble and politics as siamese twins saying that those who don’t want trouble should not join politics.

Wike made the assertion yesterday during a book launch/presentation in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

According to Wike, trouble is part of the game and there is no trouble facing the political troubles.

He said:

“Trouble is part of the game, if you don’t want trouble, don’t join politics.”

“There is no trouble I can’t face. You must play according to the rules.”

“I became a Governor without a car. I borrowed car from Ondo State for my swearing-in ceremony.”

“Before the gubernatorial election in Rivers State, you all said Opobo is not proper Ijaw, today you are shouting Asawana!”

“Go and see how other states are suffering. I paid pensions before I left as Governor.”

“You have turned politics to ethics something; Asawana, Asa this.”

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