Another Tertiary Institution Bans Hugging, Indecent Dressing, Others On Campus

Following the surge in immorality alongside other vices amongst students of various tertiary institutions in the country, the management of different institutions is beginning to take bold steps to curtail the circumstances on campuses.

To this effect, the management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State, yesterday, banned hugging, indecent dressing, use of tinted vehicles, and other forms of immoral conduct by students of the institution, while on campus.

According to the management, violation of the new rules, according to the management of the institution, will attract stiff sanctions ranging from a semester suspension, rejection from classrooms or hostel for erring nursing mothers, and impounding vehicles from any student using a vehicle with tinted glass.

According to our source, a notice of the new rules stated that some of the forbidding dressings and postures include, multi-colored braids for females, colored hairstyles, dreadlocks, spangled hairstyles for males, earrings for males cowries for females, the unconventional wearing of fez caps, wearing of tattered jean, micro/mini dress, crop tops/ jump tops, off shoulder clothes, backless clothes, transparent wears, bum shorts, nose, mouth extra earrings, sagging and tattoos.”

The notice reads: “Certificates of the Polytechnic, Ibadan are awarded to students who are found worthy in both academic pursuit and good character.

“Students are required to abide by the institution’s standard and code of conduct, of which indecent dressing/posture is one.

“The management, on behalf of the Governing Council has approved for implementation of the under-listed sanctions for the following categories of indecent dressing/posture.”


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