War Crimes: Israel Raises Fresh Allegations Against Hamas

Since the 7th of October, 2023 the warring nations, Israel, Hamas, Palestine, and allies have not been in peace following the unprecedented attacks claiming thousands of lives including children, women, and the aged.

Several calls for peace from International bodies such as the United Nations are yet to materialize while the conflict rages on at a rapid pace.

Countries of the world are showing solidarity with either of the parties by providing humanitarian assistance such as food, clothing, and medical care as well as military aid.

Israel has continued to progress in their retributive approach while Hamas fights back from its corner.

Describing its strategy as a war crime, Israel has revealed that Hamas’ headquarters are under the biggest hospital in Gaza.

According to an Israeli commentator, “Hamas doesn’t care for Palestinian lives – it only cares about destroying Israel.”

This triggers more concern for the exigent need to re-inject peace between the warring nations lest the omen manifest in the full fold.


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