WONDERS: What Happened to Nigerian Boy Who Walked on Red Carpet Meant for Governor

They call it overconfidence that kills the monkey which jumps from tree to tree without caution. Others have described the incident as the power of confidence while some are wowed by such a display of temerity by a seemingly poor boy from a no mean background in Nigeria.

Ordinarily, one who dares to do such in Nigeria’s sociopolitical clime will have to choose between staying behind bars and quick judgment by the security personnel. This is because, in a society where there is an issue of insecurity and threats, no stone is left unturned in handling similar scenarios in certain rallies or occasions.

Consequently, a lot of people ask what gave a young Nigerian boy who walked the runway set for the governor of Imo State during the Aba Fashion Week 2023, confidence.

Kingsley Joseph hails from Izzi LGA in Ebonyi State. He dropped out of school at Primary 4. Nevertheless, he has a dream, determination, and courage that one day he would be a VIP which triggered him to step out boldly in awe of thousands of audience to walk on the red carpet set for the VIP during the event.

Kingsley’s display of confidence reminds many of a young Nigerian boy who ran to the front of the convoy of the Labour Party presidential candidate for the 2023 general election, Mr. Peter Obi. Such a display of confidence has to date left many people in chagrin, describing the boy as a paragon of Self-esteem.

Similarly, the display of Master Kingsley in Aba has triggered reactions. Some ask what happened to him after taking the bold step, while others extoll his courage pleading for the governor to assist in training in School.


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