How To Access Australian 482 Work Visa Pathway

The Australian 482 visa is a temporary skill shortage visa that enables an Australian employer to sponsor a foreigner to relocate and work in Australia for jobs in which there are shortages – they can’t find enough Australians to do these jobs. The visa enables you to live and work in Australia for 2-4 years. CareerEdu indicated.

However, there are certain criteria for the Australian 482 work visa pathway as championed by Careeredu. In this article, we deemed it informative to you among others aspiring to get their dream trip to Australia done sooner than later. Thus, to be eligible for the Australian 482 visa pathway, the following requirements must be met.

To be eligible to apply for this Visa, the individual must meet the following requirements:

a. Be nominated for a skilled position by an approved Australian Sponsor.
b. Have the skill to do the job.
c. Meet the relevant English LanguaRequirementsent.

To enable you to get a suitable sponsor for this Visa, your job must be listed on the Australian Shortage List which is divided into tmainstreamtreamShort-Termerm Stream
-Medium Term Stream
-Labour Agreement Stream

The lives for the Short Term stream is AUD 1,455 while that of the Medium Term and Labour Agreement Streams is AUD 3,035.
These fees are payable ONLY AFTER you have secured a job offer so should not be your worry now.

Processing time for the 482 Visa after you have gotten a job offer is between 9 days to 5 months, depending on the stream.


✅There is no age limit
✅ Candidate must have at least l2 years of experience in the occupation listed on the shortage list. This strengthens your application regarding your being skilled enough for the job.
✅CV/Resume must be Australian standard.
✅This pathway leads to permanent residency after working for 2 years in Australia.
✅You can move with your family.
✅IELTS is needed. Band 5 and above.


✅Healthcare Assistant/Care Giver
✅Occupational Therapist
✅General Practitioner (Surgeon)
✅PSchoolool Teachers
✅Auto Electrician/Technician
✅Plant Mechanic (Heavy Veh ic le, Carter pillar e.t.c)
✅Flooring Installer (Ca rp et, Hybrid e.t.c)
✅Welder & Metal Fabricators
✅Refrigerator Technician
✅Mechanics (Car & Vehicles)
✅Stylist (Hairdressers)

Note: Nurses will undergo a Skill Assessment with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council. We will give you full details and guidance if you subscribe. Healthcare Assistants will also undergo a Skill Assessment with the Australia Community Workers Association and have an NVQA full checklist and guidance will be made available to you if you subscribe.

You can contact Careeredu for the services below:

✅Apply for Jobs with government-approved employers offering 482 sponsorship in Australia.
✅Optimize your CV and cover letter to Australstandardsdard.
✅Visa Application assistance (Note that applicants or employers bear bears the cost of Visa fees).


This service goes for the super-affordable and discounted price of N100,000. The fee is non-refundable and the service is not guaranteed as we are not employers. However, the 0% chance of landing jobs in Australia via this pathway if you meet up with all the requirements and we do our best to deliver for our clients.

Pay to CareerEdu Consulting 1683409210 Access Bank. Send proof of payment to our Admin Doatas at +2347030532586 to get started.

Once we secure the job offer for you, you will take care of Visa fees, flight,t, fees, and sundry expenses.

Note that you can do the entire process by yourself without paying a dime. We have made a detailed video on our CareerEdu YouTube Channel that will guide you to do this. We created this service because of the multiple requests we got from clients who found it difficult to do it on their own.

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