Popular Estate Developer, Ukachukwu Cries Out Over Estate Demolition by Wike

Chief Nicholas Ukachukwu, the head of SNECOU Group Limited, has voiced his distress over the demolition of his substantial real estate investment in Abuja’s Asokoro district.

The demolition, which obliterated structures on a vast 214 hectares of land, was purportedly ordered by the FCT Minister, Mr. Nyesom Wike, amidst contentious circumstances.

Ukachukwu, originating from Anambra, criticized the demolition process, which he claims was executed without a court directive, ignoring existing court orders that protected the property.The incident unfolded on Wednesday, with the demolition team, accompanied by a heavy security detail, reducing the budding construction to ruins over approximately six hours.

The developer has called upon President Bola Tinubu for intervention, arguing that the destruction of his multi-million-naira investment was not due to any legal infractions but rather targeted because of his Igbo heritage. He refutes any violations, noting that all necessary legal documents, including ministerial approvals and a Certificate of Occupancy, were in order before development commenced.

According to Ukachukwu, a concerning meeting with Wike prior to the demolition had already hinted at a prejudiced view towards the allocation of the land to an Igbo businessman. Despite having met all legal prerequisites for the development, Ukachukwu claims their efforts were in vain as the land was razed without notice or justified cause, directly contravening two active court orders designed to protect the property.

In his plea for presidential intervention, Ukachukwu emphasizes the need to safeguard the interests of legitimate investors and to ensure that administrative actions do not tarnish the image of the current government. The call to action highlights a pressing issue of fairness and due process in the treatment of investors across Nigeria.

While the spokesperson for the FCTA, Mr. Tony Ogunleye, stated unawareness of the specific demolition event, he firmly denied any discriminatory practices by the FCT administration. Ogunleye reassured that property demolitions only occur following due legal processes and for clear violations of the Land Use Act, distancing the administration from any bias based on ethnicity, religion, or regional affiliation.


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