BREAKING [Video]: Watch How Mysterious Airstrike Near Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria Claims Scores of Force Leaders, Causes Monumental Effects

A mysterious airstrike has rocked Damascus in Syria claiming scores and leading to a monumental effect.

The incident occurred barely a day after the Easter celebration, causing palpable tension and pandemonium in the entire state.

Various reports suggest that several Islamic regime officials are dead.

De Erudite Media gathered that Senior Quds Force leader, Muhammad Reza Zahedi, was among those reportedly killed in the attack. Until his sudden demise, he commanded IRGC forces in Syria.

Although the report is pending confirmation, there is every indication that the fighter did not extricate from the deadly attack which vehemently caused a huge blow to the entire country.

The orchestrators of the airstrike are yet to be identified while efforts are being made to unravel the hidden circumstances surrounding the incident.

See the video here:👇


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