Relationship Tips: 15 Clear Signs He’s Just Not That Into You Anymore: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing When It’s Time to Move On

Several relationships nowadays have continued to hit the rock even at their ripe stage when any of the partners might be nurturing the idea of taking it to the final target (marriage). The circumstances surrounding this occurrence have little or nothing to do with every other reason than the inability of the female partner to realize that it’s up and over.

Seldom, do you hear the female gender complain bitterly about her man cheating on her and would on several occasions beclouded by the infatuation they often refer to as love. Consequently, constant heartbreak becomes the order of the day, still, many find it difficult to find out the signs that their men are out for other women and get the deal done by moving on with their lives.

You shouldn’t wait until it’s too late, therefore, your ability to take proactive measures can save you from eternal regret.

Here are amazing signals that a woman should always be conscious of and ready to call off a relationship:

  • He asks you for advice about his relationship with other girls.
  • His conversation with you just revolves around normal things rather than love, romance, or having fun.
  • He does not seem to notice or compliment you when you put on makeup, deodorant, or sexy clothes.
  • He never gets jealous when you are with other guys.
  • He never gives you gifts not even little ones.
  • You borrow something from him and he demands you return it immediately.
  • He stops asking about your social life. Sudden loss of interest in your friends, family, likes, and decisions.
  • He does not make time at all to be with you.
  • He stops caring about your whereabouts or safety.
  • He does not encourage or motivate you when you’re having difficulties.
  • He avoids being seen with you both on the road, in pictures, or at social functions.
  • He does not get upset when one harasses you in his presence.
  • He does not call unless he has business or work-related things to talk about with you.
  • He does not congratulate you when you do something special or extraordinary.
  1. He becomes secretive about his phone or social media activities.

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