Prophet Makes Surprising Statements on Wike Vs Fubara

…Fubara Should Hold Nyesom Wike Tight, No Matter What Wike Does.

…Wike Is A Righteous Man.

The prophecies of a top-flight businessman, employer of Labour and Man of God in Omoku, ONELGA, Rivers State, Comrade Dennis Osere are trending on social media and beyond.

In his series of prophecies Months ago on different days, Comr. Dennis Osere was seen prophesying and advising Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, to hold Nyesom Wike tight, saying Wike is a righteous man.

Comrade Dennis Osere is known for making prophetic utterances that came to fulfillment.

Before the 2023 presidential election, when other men of God were saying that Peter Obi would win, Comr. Dennis Osere on the contrary was saying God Showed him Bola Tinubu to be the next president of Nigeria which eventually happened.

Below are some of his prophetic statements concerning Wike and Fubara culled from different videos of his prophecy in different days:

“Wike is a righteous man, God showed me that Wike is a righteous man, Wike is fighting for all of us and if you try Wike, you are going to have problems.

“You can’t fight the man because he is anointed.”

The Bible says “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”, is not me that said it, he said touch not, so anyone who wants to believe what am saying should believe and anyone that doesn’t want to believe what am saying should not believe, but I know that by the appropriate time, what am saying here will be revealed to the Rivers State people and also Nigeria at large.”

“Something is about to happen, something wonderful is about to happen.
it could happen negatively or it could happen positively.”

“I have seen a very big gang up between Wike and Sim.
A very serious gang up, they are ganging up seriously and I am standing with him, Wike.
Am going to support him with prayers.”

“Whatever they are ganging up against Rivers state people it will never come to pass.”

“More things are going to happen in this state because of Wike, more things, so what we need to do is give support to Wike.”

“I didn’t know why God was showing me everything about Wike.
It was because God has already appointed me as his Apostle.”

“I had a prophecy God showed me that Siminlalayi Fubara should hold Wike tight, no matter what Wike does, he should not quarrel with him.
he should look for a way to reconcile with Wike.” – Comr. Apostle Dennis Osere.



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