Relocation Notice for Agulu and Nanka Road Property Owners Ahead of Dualization Project

As part of Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s initiative to improve Anambra State’s road network, plans are underway to dualize Agulu and Nanka Roads.

Although these are federal roads, they serve primarily the residents of Anambra, prompting the state government to upgrade them to support enhanced commercial, industrial, and agricultural connectivity.

The state government advises property owners located along these roads that a legal setback of 47.5 meters from the road’s center is required. Properties failing to meet this requirement are considered illegal and are subject to removal. To prevent such unfortunate circumstances, property owners are urged to start planning their relocation promptly.

To aid in this transition, the government calls upon local leaders, including traditional rulers and community President Generals, to heighten relocation awareness and coordinate efforts in identifying resettlement areas for the affected parties. This proactive communication is intended to minimize disruption and financial losses once construction begins.


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