From Setback to Comeback: Happie Boys Celebrate U.S Education Opportunity

The Happie Boys, who faced deportation from Cyprus, have now found a reason to celebrate.

Their dreams of furthering their education have been reignited, thanks to the generosity of a US-based Nigerian doctor who has stepped forward to cover all their educational expenses in the United States.

This heartwarming story began when the Happie Boys, a group of ambitious young boys, faced the bleak prospect of deportation from Cyprus. Their journey, filled with hope and aspirations, seemed to come to an abrupt end until a kind-hearted philanthropist changed their fate.

The US-based Nigerian doctor, moved by their plight and determination, decided to invest in their future. Recognizing the potential and the unyielding spirit of the Happie Boys, the doctor offered to pay for their tuition, accommodation, and other related expenses


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