BREAKING: Peter Obi Considers Leaving Labour Party Amidst Ongoing Internal Conflicts

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 elections and former governor of Anambra State, has openly voiced his considerations of parting ways with the Labour Party should the existing internal turmoil persist.

Speaking at an event hosted by Parallel Facts on X space, Obi expressed his commitment to transforming the Labour Party. However, he emphasized that his dedication to the party does not extend to sacrificing his political career over its unresolved internal disputes.

The crisis within the Labour Party, particularly the leadership and ownership contention with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has notably strained the party’s unity. This discord is further highlighted by the internal battle for the National Chairmanship position, primarily between the Julius Abure and Apapa Lamidi factions, leading to a controversial national convention in Anambra State which Obi opted to skip. Obi rationalized his absence by critiquing the party leadership’s lack of extensive consultation with crucial stakeholders prior to the convention.

Referencing a biblical analogy, Obi likened his efforts to reform the Labour Party to Jesus’ teachings about attempting to change a city. He stated, “I’m making spirited efforts to change them (LP), but I’m not going to die with them. That will not stop what we set out to do. We will try to change them (LP), if we can’t, we will leave them; we will not die with them.”


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