Israel Reveals When to Ceasefire, Gives Hamas Two Choices

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel Defense Forces have intensified efforts in a terrible bombardment of the various areas occupied by Hamas.

Netanyahu disclosed while addressing the citizens and loyalists on the latest developments.

He, however, stated that Israel will not back down until victory is assured. According to Netanyahu, anybody who thinks that we will stop is not connected with reality.
He further gave two unanticipated conditions to Hamas:
Surrender or die.
His words: “We continue the war until the end. It will continue until Hamas is eliminated—until victory.

Whoever thinks we will stop is not connected with the reality. We not stop fighting until all the goals we set are achieved. Eliminating Hamas, realizing our hostages, and removing the threat from Gaza.
We are attacking Hamas with fire—a terrible fire. Everywhere including today. We are also Attacking Their Assistants From Near And Far.

“All Hamas terrorists from first to the last are mortal. They have only two options: Surrender or die”.


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