Six Lagos Traders Face Legal Action For Allegedly Assaulting Nollywood Actress, Liz Anjorin

In a recent development from Lagos, Nigeria, six local traders found themselves in legal trouble as they were arraigned for allegedly assaulting Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin.

Identified as Qudus Jokogbola, Suru Olawale, Edu Shakirat, Fausat Mohammed, Kafayat Ahmed, and Opere Simiat Morenike, these individuals, along with two other suspects who are currently evading the law, have been indicted in an incident that has captured the public’s attention.

It has been reported that the suspects alongside two others who are currently evading capture, plotted an attack against Anjorin-Lawal within the confines of Oba Akintoye Market on Lagos Island around 1:30 p.m. last Monday, causing her physical harm.

According to the prosecutions, this act not only inflicted bodily injury on the actress but also disrupted public peace, actions that are in direct violation of Sections 411 and 413; 168(d), and 170(b) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 2015. These laws serve to maintain public order and protect individuals from harm, indicating the seriousness of the charges laid against the defendants.

During their court appearance, all six traders entered a plea of not guilty to the charges presented against them. Their defense, led by Ade Oshodi, requested the court to consider granting bail under the most lenient conditions possible, highlighting the defendants’ roles as traders within the community.

Magistrate A.A. Paul, presiding over the case, decided to set bail at N200,000 for each defendant, with the added condition of providing a surety who is a resident of Lagos and able to show evidence of tax payment. Until these conditions are fulfilled, the accused will be held in the custody of the Nigerian Correctional Services.

The case has been temporarily paused, with a follow-up hearing scheduled for March 11. This incident has captured the attention of both the public and fans of Liz Anjorin, raising concerns about safety and public behavior in Lagos.


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