Israel Vs Hamas: [Video] Prime Minister Netanyahu Reveals Why No Retreat No Surrender

In the second month of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas and its allies, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has restated his commitment to the leadership of the country.

Netanyahu who had earlier declared a total clampdown on Hamas has against all odds stood up for the citizens of Israel, especially after the sudden attack by Hamas on the 7th of October, 2023 that claimed no fewer than 1407 lives.

Several calls to Israel for an immediate ceasefire have hit a dead-end following the stance of Netanyahu on no ceasefire until those taking hostages by Hamas are released and reunited with their families.

Recall that the United Nations has been in talks with Israel since the retribution started. However, Hamas on the other hand has paid deaf ears to the demand for the release of Israeli citizens taking hostages.

Reacting to the development, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged not to leave anyone behind. He also averred that he would not back down towards the annihilation of the enemies.

Netanyahu on Sunday, disclosed that he took an oath and will do it.

see the video:👇


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