Israel Vs Hamas: Pope Francis Breaks Silence, Makes Strong Appeals

Following the October 7th attack on Israeli citizens by Hamas that pushed no fewer than 1407 people across the Rubicon, over ten thousand lives have been lost in massive retribution launched by the Israeli army against Hamas.

Despite several attempts to restore peace and tranquility between the warring nations, the Israeli government has vowed to continue the operation until several Israeli citizens taken hostage by Hamas are released and reunited with their families.

Reacting to the crisis as it enters its second month, Pope Francis calls for peace among the warring countries.

Enough of the killings, Enough of the crisis. Every human being regardless of religion or race is precious in the eyes of God and therefore, deserves to live in peace.

His words: “Enough! Enough, brothers, enough! … Every human being, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim, of whatever people or religion, every human being is sacred, is precious in the eyes of God and has the right to live in peace.”


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