Israel Vs Hamas: Has the Biblical God of Israel Intervened? Wonders Over First Miracle in Gaza

The first-ever miracle since the outbreak of the lingering crisis between Israel and Hamas has reportedly occurred following what an Israeli described as a miracle in Hamas.

For about two months and still counting Israel woke up counting their losses following a deadly attack by Hamas on Sunday night the 7th of October, 2023. The monumental effects of the incident remain indelible on the victims’ families, the nation, and their friends across the globe.

Consequently, the Israeli government declared absolute retribution to retaliate for the death of their citizens. Such an unprecedented event has resulted in the loss of dozens of the former number in the attack that triggered the latter.

Meanwhile, in the nick of time, the situation aggravates leading to several calls for a ceasefire. This has also become pertinent to both conflicting nations as Israel fights for the release of over a hundred citizens taken hostage by Hamas. It would be recalled that there has been a swift agreement to swap out members held hostage by both nations.

Barely four days after an Israeli citizen released a clip titled #BYEHAMAS, the country witnessed the first-ever miracle that has occurred to the chagrin of the world. According to a situation report from the battlefield, an Israeli Defense Force Soldier narrowly escaped death when a bullet fired by Hamas was suddenly stopped by a book of Psalms he had in his vest.

The scenario of the incident is being described by Israelites as miraculous as nothing according to them could have led to the stoppage of bullets than miracles.

Questions about the circumstances surrounding the claim prevail as people continue to ask if the Biblical God of Israel has manifested again to defend the people on the battlefield against their enemies. “Has the Biblical God of Israel intervened?


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