Breaking: [Iran Vs Israel]: Outrage as Iranian Superstar, Rostami Reportedly Missing

The altercation between Iran and Israel which earlier reached to head in the Month of April had continued to pose threats to the citizens of both warring nations. This is as Iranian Volleyball player, Mobina Rostana reportedly declared missing in the weekend.

Mobina Rostami, is said to have disappeared after bravely speaking out against the Islamic regime’s attack on Israel.

Recall that Iran’s attack on Israel was a retaliation for the attack by Israeli Airforce on Damascus, Syria which claimed several lives of Iranian military officers.

Consequent to the attack on Israel by Iran, the Israeli government had restated determination for an imminent retaliation. Israel says that it is not over yet, while describing Iran’s Saturday attack as a failed mission.

Reacting to the recent news about the missing Iranian Superstar, an Israeli Commentator decried the defeaning silence the United Nations UN, amongst other International Communities on the lingering crisis between Iran and Israel, others.

In his words:, “Instead of the Islamic Republic accountable, the UN was busy voting on Palestinian UN membership. The same UN that welcomed Iran to chair a forum for human rights.

“History will never forget who turned their backs on the Iranian people.”


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