Nigerian University Suspends Student for Allegedly Impregnating Female Lecturer

Federal University of Lafia (Fulafia) has expelled a student, simply identified as Kelvin from the institution, for Impregnating one of the female lecturers.

Kelvin was an undergraduate of Computer Science in the University whose action has triggered mixed reactions, as many people take sides following the consequences melted by the institution against him.

This is as the University Disciplinary Board upon receiving the disheartening news of the student impregnating his lecturer with acute shock, decided his fate.

Meanwhile, Kelvin’s action which has since put the University in a negative limelight has not only watered down the dignity of the University but also the integrity of the lecturers therein.

It’s unusual to so many people who demand fairness in the penalty melted against the student after his affair with the lecturer landed him in trouble.

It was gathered that Kelvin confessed to sleeping with the lecturer on so many occasions, including in her office set within the administration block.

Notwithstanding, he pleads that the Institution should tamper justice with mercy, when he broke down into uncontrollable tears following the decision of the University Senate

Kelvin had since suffered the shock of his life and continued to ask for intervention from the University’s Senior Administrators, to lift the expulsion and mete a lesser punishment on him.

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