BREAKING: [ANAMBRA] Pray For Onitsha, Let This Not Happen As Group Reveals Disastrous Omen

An Idealist group popularly known as the Ånonymous has again revealed that the agendists have made plans to cause havoc at a famous Onitsha Main Market, Anambra State.

The group warned the relevant authorities as well as the marketers to be proactive and conscious of the ugly plots of the agendists as a deal for a double-fuel tanker explosion has been made to occur in the coming weeks.

“A place with the name Onitsha Main market has been today instructed to be razed! Expect a double-fuel tanker explosion in that area within the next few weeks.
“People of this region must now be vigilant as this would cause a lot of damage. Be mindful as you all work together to avert this disaster”


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