Visas: Shocking Reasons Nigerians Face Schengen Visa Refusal

Nigerians who apply for some countries’ Visas including Schengen, in the current economic situation in the Country are facing hiccups and abrupt rejections concerning some intriguing factors.

Although, some embassy has a strong view against the approval of any visa application by Nigerians at the moment, despite the differences in individual capital status compared to the country’s economic situation. One will be wondering what else to do to escape the lingering economic mire until when the embassy struck out their application with a deliberate refusal to grant them their request.

The foregoing visa refusal saga by some embassies has been described as a hash against Nigerians eligible for it. The Embassy has further stated that one’s bank account statement is not enough to grant them a visa because the cash at a bank can be transacted at any moment. It further revealed that Nigeria granted visas during this current economic quagmire in the country are likely not going to return even when their duration of stay expires.

Read some of the information on Visa refusal below:_👇


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