What’s Happening? Suspected Ritualist Dumps Corpse of Lady On Roadside

Society is rapidly getting used to a lot of ugly incidents including extrajudicial killings, unguarded quest for wealth, excess quest for power, jungle justice, man inhumanity to man, and much more. Consequently, some concerned citizens have continuously condemned these societal ills by publicly calling spade a spade, while communities continue to get overwhelmed by the daily occurrences that have seemingly remained unabated.

Money rituals and other atrocious ways of the get-rich-quick syndrome have become the other of the day as many gullible youths join the race for illegal means of wealth acquisition.

They continually blame bad governance in the country just to justify the different abominable acts going on in society today. Just a few weeks ago, a young lady was beaten to death and her corpse was dumped inside a swimming pool in one of the hotels at Awka, Anambra State. The story which triggered a series of mixed reactions has remained fresh in the memory of the public who still ask questions about those behind the demise of the lady.

Just this morning, a corpse of a yet-to-be-identified lady was reportedly dumped at Road 1 of Royal Estate, Entrance to Ibe Street, Off SARS Road, Obio/Akpor LGA of Rivers State.

Netizens react:


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