VIDEO: Israel’s Defense Forces Uncover Mysterious Tunnel of Hamas

Israel Defense Forces IDF has uncovered a tunnel used by Hamas to re-channel the UNRWA humanitarian aid.

The exposition was a sequel to the unrelenting efforts of the Israeli military to clampdown on Hamas since the resumption of strikes in Gaza.

Recall that

Fighting between Hamas and Israel has resumed in Gaza after a seven-day cessation that facilitated the exchange of hostages and Palestinian prisoners and the flow of humanitarian aid in the devastated enclave.

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry says 109 people died in the first hours of Friday’s attack.

The Israel Defense Forces said Friday the resumption of fighting follows Hamas’ violation of a temporary truce and the militant group’s launching of a rocket attack on Israel.

The renewed violence comes amid a New York Times report that Israel had advance knowledge of a detailed Hamas plan to attack Israel, but that the plan was dismissed as “aspirational.”

The approximately 40-page translated document, codenamed “Jerico Wall” and reviewed by the Times, detailed how U.S.-designated terror group Hamas would execute a multi-pronged assault on Israeli defense positions and take over cities. It did not set a date for the attack.

The Times said Israeli military and intelligence officials had knowledge of the plan more than a year before the October 7 attack. It was not clear if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also knew.

It was also gathered that a Palestinian “teacher” working for UNRWA was keeping one of the kidnapped hostages locked in his attic.

Consequently, the exposition of the activities of Hamas necessitated the call by the citizens of Israel for the UN to be defended.


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