Nollywood Veteran Actor Sylvester Madu Recounts What Happened to Him in Cameroon

Nollywood veteran actor Sylvester Madu who was in Cameroon and is back in Nigeria has recounted the circumstances surrounding his attempted murder in Cameroon.

Madu made the explanation during his Facebook live video, stating that there’s so much to recount about his unpleasant experience in Bamenda, which will be done in episodes.

He said:

“It’s a tragic thing. It’s something that was not supposed to happen if the right thing was done by the people who brought me to their country.

Matter of fact, they underestimated my popularity . They couldn’t imagine I will pull such a crowd with my presence, so adequate security measures were not made; knowing that their country is a volatile place, with a whole lot of commotion and crisis going on.

From what I gathered while I was there, there is a green zone, a yellow zone and a red zone. In the red zone, you don’t just go there. I’m a stranger. There’s no way I would’ve known that where they were taking me that night was a red zone.

The kind of crowd that I pulled, the streets were blocked , traffic everywhere, any sensible organizer will know that this man is not ordinary and should make proper security arrangements, which was a promise that was made to me. Messages of how my movement will look like , voice notes ; out of 100 percent, it was zero percent done.

I didn’t want to pull the diva attitude of a movie star to say I ain’t going nowhere if you don’t get the security you promised. One of the reasons that made me relax is because of the kind of personality I am. I am a free moral personality. I like to mingle with people. Seeing the cheering of the people, I feel I’m loved and accepted.

There are a group of persons that were not happy with my presence or probably they have a notion that I don’t know of; the reason why they are angry with my presence. If it’s a fight between them, I got involved as a victim. But thank God I’m a victor and not a victim, forever until the Lord comes. My deep condolences to all the families whose loved


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