VIDEO: Detained Traditional Religion Activist, Ezeaku Addresses Supporters from Police Custody

Hear him
Mathias Ezeaku – Gospel of truth

A traditional region activist Mathias Ezeaku who is currently detained over alleged criticism of the overseer and founder of Zion Ministry, Evangelist Ebuka Obi has addressed supporters from the police custody.

Mr. Ezeaku is reportedly accused of saying that Evangelist Ebuka Obi’s miracles are fake among other allegations.

Recall that the embattled traditionalist and founder of the f Omenala bu uzo eziokwu was on Sunday arrested by the police during their Sunday worship. In a viral video made around social media, Mr. Ezeaku was whisked away from the mammoth of members who made little or no attempts to save their leader from the embarrassment surrounding his arrest.

Ezeaku has established what he described as a traditional religious Seminary where he claimed to be training priests in line with their ordinances.

He has vehemently been against Christians or those who believe in Christ Jesus, saying that it’s alien and not acceptable for the traditional religion to be eradicated as a result of religious invasion of the land of the Igbo nation.

To Mr. Ezeaku, Ndigbo should through ‘Omenala bu Uzo Eziokwu’ his religion, go back to their roots and not be misled by the Christian religion worshippers.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ezeaku is currently in detention following alleged verbal attacks on Evangelist Ebuka Obi.

He speaks from the custody condemning the prevailing situation:đŸ‘‡


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