Video: 28 Google Employees face Severe Sanctions for Making Demands Against Israel

No fewer than 28 Google Employees have been fired for championing Anti-Israel Campaigns.

The 28 employees prior the incident occupied Google CEO’s office demanding the cut of all ties with the Israeli government, but were reportedly thrown out by the police, and subsequently fired.

Israeli Government has continued to decry the alarming rate of hate against the citizens who reside in different countries of the world, since the eruption of the ongoing war in the country.

Some of the adversaries of Israel take such measures to discriminate against them as a result of fear. Meanwhile, as the ongoing crisis linger, it’s not uncertain about the monumental effects of war in this 21st Century.

Little wonder, the United Nations UN, are being urged to swing in action to stop the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran, etc.

See the video here:👇


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