PHOTOS: Israel Defense Forces Unveils First Set of World-class Female Soldiers after 14-Month-Long Training

In a bid to meet up with the increasing demand for defense and security of the country, Israel Forces IDF, has announced the recruitment of a number of female soldiers, commending them for their zeal to serve their nation.

The unveiling of the soldiers was a sequel to the completion of their 14-month-long training as part of pilot program, and bomb disposal, which commenced in early 2023.

According to the the release by the IDF, the training received by the Female Soldiers also centred on eliminating Terrorists tunnels and arms caches.

IDF, therefore, commended the Female Soldiers, while describing their successful training as breakthrough in the military for future female recruits.

“For the first time in IDF history—we welcome the new female soldiers of the Yahalom Special Forces combat engineering unit!

“These are the first women to complete the unit’s difficult 14-month-long training as part of a pilot program which began in early 2023, focusing on bomb disposal. The unit also focuses on eliminating terrorist tunnels and arms caches.

“These women showed exceptional endurance, dedication and resilience, paving the way for future female recruits.”


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