Traditional Religion Activist, Ezeaku Triggers Reactions as He Finally Goes Back to His Roots, Hosts Crusade

A controversial traditional religion Activist, Mazi Mathias Ezeaku has again triggered mixed reactions as he sets to host a 3-day crusade.

Mr. Mathias Ezeaku is said to be an Igbo traditional religion activist campaigning for the Igbo people to retrace their path and re-embrace the traditional ways of worship instituted and practiced by their forefathers.

Ezeaku who is from the Southeast region of Nigeria is popularly known as the founder of the Gospel of Truth Organization as well as Omenala Bu Uzo Eziokwu, through which he has been carrying out different activities including philanthropic roles in society.

He, however, came to fame in recent years for his preaching against the Christian faith in Nigeria. He has often launched a deliberate verbal attack on Christian Religious Leaders, describing everything about Christianity as alien and therefore not consumable and unacceptable in Igbo Land and Africa at large.

That particular trend he chose consequently attracted a lot of people to himself who sang his praises as another savior of the people from what they viewed as religious enslavement and impoverishment. While others are against him over what they view as unbridled criticism of pastors and men of God.

It would be recalled that in 2021, Matthias Ezeaku Ejiofor reportedly took to his heel when he was declared Wanted Over the Defamation of Prophet Fufeyin’s Character.
Matthias Ezeaku Ejiofor was obviously on a futile assignment to tarnish the image of a popular man of God, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin following his subsequent clamp down.

it is not clear why Ezeaku has embarked on such an unpopular assignment, there are feelers that it is borne out of sheer wickedness and desperate attempts to provoke God’s anointed ones.

Despite the 2021 incident, Matthias Ezeaku in recent times reactivated his critical tendency to speak about the unverified ills of Pastors, Reverend Fathers, Churches, Ministries, and Christians at large, a last punch that almost broke the camel’s back.

After his most recent arrest which was attributed to the alleged role of character assassination of some men of God including Reverend Father Mbaka, Evangelist Ebuka Obi, Apostle Suleman, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere popularly known as Odumeje, etc, Ezeaku had addressed his followers to desist from antagonistic method of propagating their agenda.

Despite his loud criticism of Christianity, the pattern that Ezeaku has adopted is not far from what many tagged antichrist propagandists. This is a sequel to the formation of what he called the Seminary, and the regalia that their priests wear which many mistake for reverends in Christendom.
Again, Mathias Ezeaku now embarks on what he tagged as a 3-day Crusade to be hosted and overseen by him this yuletide.

The development triggers more questions about the authenticity of what they tagged as the Traditional Religion of the Igbo people.


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