SHOCKING: Elderly Couple Mvrdered in Their Abuja Home

An elderly couple was discovered lifeless in their home in the community of Apo, in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja.

The victims, identified as Adebola Ezekiel, an 80-year-old man bound to a wheelchair, and his wife, Abiodun Ezekiel, suffered a violent fate at the hands of unknown assailants.

The grim discovery was made in the late hours of Monday at their residence within the prestigious Apo Legislative Quarters. According to reports, the attackers executed the heinous act by forcibly entering the couple’s apartment and cvtting their throats with a dagger.

The circumstances surrounding the intrusion became apparent when one of the couple’s sons, unable to establish contact with his parents, sought assistance from a local resident. After noticing the unresponsiveness and fearing for their wellbeing, he instructed the individual to forcefully enter the house. This led to the harrowing discovery of both Adebola and Abiodun Ezekiel lying in a pool of blood, signaling a brutal and unprovoked attack.

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command, through its spokesperson, Josephine Adeh, confirmed the distressing event. Commissioner of Police, Benneth Igweh, took a hands-on approach by visiting the crime scene himself, underscoring the gravity of the situation. Following his inspection, he ordered an immediate and thorough investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department, with a commitment to sharing the findings with the public.


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